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Air Conditioning Energy Assessments (TM44)

Assessments are required for air-conditioning systems, with an effective rated output of 12kw or more.  Inspections must be undertaken at least every five years.

Here at Cubic Applewe have a team of dedicated, independent* level 4 Air Conditioning Energy Assessors / Engineers, to produce reports to the highest standards.

Along with the standard TM44 CLG report and certificate, Cubic Apple produce a supplement free of charge to incorporate the following information;

  • Recommendations
  • External Plant Asset Register
  • Equipment Energy Usage
  • Building Occupancy and Plant Schedules
  • Weekly Energy Consumption
  • Size Comparison
  • Maintenance Regime
  • Photographs
  • Sensor, Controls and Metering
  • F-Gas Regulations
  • Energy Efficiency Lighting
  • R22 Phase out Information

It is the duty of the person responsible for the technical functioning of the system to ensure that a certificate is in place. The penalties are currently set at £300 on a reoccurring basis for non-compliance.

*Your air Conditioning maintenance company cannot undertake this ‘Independent’ inspection.

There are several potential benefits to completing this statutory inspection:

  • Compliance and avoidance of penalties
  • ISO14001 / ISO5001 Compliance
  • Improved energy rating for buildings & reductions in energy usage
  • Valid certification for Insurance, sales or lease purposes

Cubic Apple offers this service at highly competitive rates with further reductions for multiple buildings.

Additional Information

For Technical Guidance on TM44 (ACEA) Compliance
Call or email Lee Clements, Technical Sales Director
Office: 01827 713870 Mobile: 07766 227554
email: sales@cubicapple.co.uk